Hospitality v.1: Treat every guest like a VIP

You may think that the by title of this piece my message would imply a noble, almost abstract ideal of an elevated service attitude that the hospitality community should embrace. Although I do, in fact, believe that – this post is actually about a fundamental mindset of privacy and security for your guests that needs to initially

Small hotel and lodging community: If you’re not planning and budgeting, you are not achieving the success you could.

Today marks a milestone in my hospitality career. You see it was the Friday after Labor Day in 1976 that I started my job as a Desk Clerk at the Hotel Sofitel in Bloomington, MN. Over the last 40 years, I’ve worked in every department in every type of facility throughout the hotel, restaurant and casino (non-gaming)

Formatting the proper notifications for your Sonoma County Vacation Rental online

I received a few inquiries after yesterday’s blog regarding the proper advertising information required by Sonoma County for your vacation rental listings. Here a great layout of language that you can copy and paste onto your vacation rental listing to satisfy the County’s requirements: ———————————————————————————————————————————– Rental rules per Sonoma County ordinance #5823. County of Sonoma Vacation Rental

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Marketing Let's face it ... the hospitality business is as competitive as ever. Hotels, restaurants, casinos, attractions, there always seems to be an imbalance of supply vs. demand and you need

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Vacation Rental Revenue Tracking and TOT Filing Report Several vacation rental owners have asked us for advice by helping make the Transient Occupancy Tax filing easier. We realized that there were

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Food inventory / item costing tool To effectively abstract out a restaurant menu, you must first understand what you pay for the ingredients, then and only then can you price your

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Sonoma County Market Intelligence report - Quarterly The best way to keep up with your competition is to know your local market. Now, AHC provides a comprehensive report of Sonoma County

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Undercover staff, service & facility evaluations for restaurants and lodging facilities. Increase revenue, enhance productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and boost employee engagement. Get an accurate picture of the level of service your

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Renovations / New Build Consulting Experienced in managing branded full-service as well as independent casinos, hotels & resorts. Served in Executive capacities for new hotel openings and multi-million dollar renovations. I


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