Lowell was hired by Tropicanna to fix a very broken hospitality function. In under 3 months he fixed several key staffing issues in the hotel and food & beverage areas, and had our entire hospitality function moving in the right direction. Within 6 months, Lowell changed the price point of our hotel and banquet function to reflect the new pride and image he brought to our property. Lowell’s positive leadership style helped us build a more cohesive team across the entire property, including the casino. In addition to turning around our hospitality business, he also became very engaged in the community. This involvement helped us rebuild and improve a negative reputation left by his predecessor. I would definately work with Lowell again

Cindy Pauls, CMA

Lowell is an extremely knowledgeable Operations Strategist. He is a big picture thinker whose many years of experience in internationally recognized hotel and gaming operations, have shaped his very sophisticated and acute sense of what it takes to deliver “concierge-style” customer service. As a leader he mentors and challenges his teams, and as a colleague he defines and educates on operational efficiency, process improvement, and service delivery.

Time and time again, Lowell exhibits his adeptness at balancing the numbers, with his passion and commitment to a “WOW” guest experience!

Kenderlynn Christophe, SPHR

Lowell served on my Board of Directors for a number of years. When he arrived in Sonoma County and he first joined the board we knew immediately that he was the type of individual that would be engaged, committed, and bring excellent industry knowledge to our organization. This proved true over the years as Lowell distinguished himself as a leader in the tourism community, a mentor to me, and an invaluable resource to the Chamber of Commerce. If you are ever fortunate enough to hire him, work for him, or serve with him, I would seek out the opportunity.

Mo McElroy, CTA

Lowell was a pleasure to work with. His expertise took our organization to the next level.

Linda McNabb, President