Vacation Rental Revenue Tracking and TOT Filing Report- 2016 AHC - home rental revenue tracker.xls

Several vacation rental owners have asked us for advice by helping make the Transient Occupancy Tax filing easier. We realized that there were a few variables that faced the owners we spoke with. Some web booking sites used by Vacation Rental management companies such as Homeaway, have the programming ability to collect taxes separately, so at the end of the reporting period, you know what to tax to submit on what revenues you realized. Not so tough. Where it becomes a little more complicated is for sites like VRBO and Airbnb, which don’t break out the taxes. That doesn’t relieve you from your responsibility to collect and submit to the County, but those booking platforms just don’t do it.  We’ve created a spreadsheet for you to enter your revenue information by day (don’t forget that housekeeping fees and linens are also subject to tax), and it will tally your totals and graph the results for you to see. One more feature will calculate what the tax should be even if your booking platform doesn’t charge the tax separately, understand that these “tax inclusive” rates end up cutting into your rental revenues.

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Hospitality Property Forecasting / Scheduling tool10-day Forecast 3-1 to 3-7.xls10-day Forecast 3-1 to 3-7.xls10-day Forecast 3-1 to 3-7.xls

I believe we all agree that the #1 expense to plan properly and track for the desired outcome is payroll. This particular tool has a few different parts to it, but when used properly, you will know how you perform against your budgeted plan. If your department managers are using their own schedules STOP NOW. This method creates consistency, accountability and demonstrates measured results against your financial planning. This tool is perfect for small properties with food & beverage operations and includes some additional departments like retail.

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