stealth shopperUndercover staff, service & facility evaluations for restaurants and lodging facilities.

Increase revenue, enhance productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and boost employee engagement.

Get an accurate picture of the level of service your customers are experiencing. With our onsite evaluations, you will be able to track your business’s performance through the eyes of your guest. We measure the customer experience by looking at:

  • the overall first impression of the facility,
  • staff interactions from greeting to good-byes,
  • industry standards of sequence of service especially during the lunch and dinner services,
  • food presentation,
  • and more.

We design our questionnaires to align with your brand standards. What gets measured gets done. If you’ve invested in training, there’s no better way to measure whether training had an impact than by using stealth shopping. Brands earn great reputations when every location consistently executes against brand standards. Measure your ability to represent your brand to your customers. You’ve worked hard to build a successful service strategy. Now make sure it’s being delivered.

We are hospitality professionals.

Experienced in the proper etiquette for casual to formal dining, proper wine service and hospitality service attention, we use only seasoned hospitality professionals with years of food & beverage training for your evaluations. Where other shop service companies may use people to shop facilities in their spare time for extra income, we use former hospitality executives. We do not believe that just anybody can be an effective shopper.

We provide detailed reports

Every aspect of the guest experience is reported in detail using a 4 level rating system (excellent, good, needs improvement, poor) following the evaluation including pictures of the experience to demonstrate compliance with your facility, service and staff expectations.

Our evaluations are cost effective and can be arranged at times and situations you want to focus attention on.

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